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新発売につき、白の他、AgeDesign オンラインショップのみ数量限定の黒、2色からお選びいただけます。


 The hiracle cool coasters are unglazed coasters made from Kutani-yaki, a traditional industry of Ishikawa Prefecture, and are fired at low temperatures. hiracle series are designed to make your everyday dining experience more enjoyable. The hiracle series is a tableware with a simple design that blends in well with the modern dining table, using Kutani Yaki, one of Japan's representative traditional crafts.
 Cool Coasters are highly absorbent and durable, and have a cooling effect that can be obtained by simply soaking them in water, and even more so when frozen. It can keep cold desserts, soft drinks, and cold sake for a long time. You can also enjoy the surprise of the pattern that appears on the glass when it absorbs water drops.
In addition to white, there are two other colors to choose from: black, which is only available in limited quantities at the AgeDesign online store.

hiracle クールコースター(白)

: ホワイト
  • 材質:磁器(素焼き)





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